Spinal Rehabilitation

All of our physiotherapists have specialist skills in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of spinal pain. We aim to be able to tell you the probable cause of your symptoms and how we can help you to help yourself overcome them.

We use 3 Dimensional Spinal Assessment device based on sophisticated Software (Developed at Switzerland). We are the only one centre here in Bangladesh who uses this technology. We also have the Force platform to find out your foot pressures to determine the spinal Stability and mobility.

After Specific Assessment we use manual therapy techniques including mobilizations of your joints and soft tissues to restore normal movement and ease pain. We assess how your body moves and its alignment and the role this plays in your condition. We aim to restore your muscle function to help you move more efficiently and help reduce the daily stress and strain you place on the structures in your back.

Rehabilitation and exercise plays a key role within all our treatment plans and is an essential part of your recovery. You can expect to receive a tailored program to suit your condition and goals, which will be assessed and progressed regularly throughout your time with us; we aim to return you to normal function as soon as possible.

The treatments we use are based on current evidence and are effective in the treatment of pain and restoration of function. Don’t accept pain as normal we can help.