Gynecological Physiotherapy

Women’s health issues can be uncomfortable and disruptive to our daily life but the good news is that physiotherapy can often be the answer. If you are experiencing any of these issues don’t hesitate to contact us - you would be surprised at how common these conditions are and how simple some of them are to treat.

— S M Zahidul Islam Sazal, Managing Director, Movement Solutions

Women’s Health issues may arise for a variety of reasons but a large majority tends to occur with pregnancy, such as pelvic dysfunction or incontinence. Our Women’s Health Physio's work with you to assess the problem you are having and will then create an individualised treatment plan specific to your needs. Depending on your condition, the treatment plan will involve certain exercises that will get you working the right muscles to counteract the issues you are experiencing. Our Women’s Health Physio will also offer advice on lifestyle adjustments and education on the presenting problem to help manage your condition more effectively.