Ergonomics Solutions

Organizations today face multiple challenges to maintaining the health and performance of employees while attempting to integrate new technologies and support a widening range of work styles.

The number of workers entering the workforce with pre-existing or incipient injuries is increasing. These employees are using more handheld technology, videoconferencing tools, and in many cases, multiple computer monitors. Work styles are becoming more complex, evolving to encompass a wider variety of interactions within a greater diversity of workspace types. All of these factors elevate ergonomic hazards to office workers now and in the future.

A review of recent ergonomics studies revealed surprising insights about new workers, new

Technologies and more...

·       63 % reported neck/shoulder pain

·       51% low back pain

·       30 % hand/wrist pain

·       15 % elbow pain

However, one thing is certain: the intensive use of electronic devices by employees who spends an astounding around 6 hours a day, has broad consequences for their long-term health and for the organizations that employ them.

Studies indicate just how alarming those consequences can be: a cross-sectional study in year of 2000 indicated that 41% of adult students experienced pain and discomfort symptoms while using computer; by 2008, more than 50% of surveyed adult students experienced pain they attributed to computer use.

The aim to develop the healthy workplace and sound ergonomics is to prevent injuries or occupational hazards along with educating and maximizing employee’s efficiency & productivity while on the job. Assigned Ergonomists will mainly focus on different occupational health & safety issues, ergonomic assessment, preventing repetitive strain injuries, and many other assessment and education based activities to promote a healthy workplace and avoid on-the-job injuries.

Ergonomics aims to –

  • Decrease level of risk for ergonomic injuries to employees
  • Improve morale among employees
  • Improve quality of work
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase safety awareness 
  • Reduce workers compensation claim costs
  • Stress Management

Making change successful; not stressful – is what we believe.


We are very much eager to provide our all services to you & regarding this we are offering you our practiced effective programs:

·       Interim program

·       Aeonian Program 

Interim Program

Enjoy total Ergonomical support, which is very much needed to all staffs. Interim services are:

 Ergonomic Correction (Workplace Assessment, Analysis, Modification):

  • Workplace Assessment: Our Ergonomists will go to the desk of each staff and will assess the workplace and the posture of the staff. The Workplace assessment will assess by asking the question to the staff for entry some information and by taking some photos (Photos from 4 Sides) of the each desk with staff at working time. This service would be one to one basis.
  • Workplace Analysis: After taking all data our ergonomist will analysis the information by the Ergonomic Workplace Analyzing System (IOSH Recgnised International Ergonomic Workstation analysis Software, Licensed version of PHYSIOBD) and the result will help us to recommend the modifications or further assessment.
  • Workplace Modification: According to the Ergonomic Workplace Analysis and result from software, recommendation will set up about the workplace posture or physiotherapy treatment or other measures (One to One Basis).

Environmental factors Analysis and Assessment:

  • Environmental factors (Light, temperature, humidity, sound and vibration) of each and every workstation will be measured including the common spaces by IOSH recommended and certified Tool Kits (Lux Meter, Humid meter, Temp gun, and Vibro meter) and the minimum and maximum threshold level would be notified (One to one Basis).

Posture and Body Mechanics Assessment:

  • 3 Dimensional static and Dynamic Spinal curve Assessment will be done in sitting, standing and loading position of every single worker to assess their spinal mobility to find out the vulnerability zone by state of the art innovation 3D Spinal Mouse (Switzerland). (one to one Basis). By this objective Analysis we will find the following Issues

1.       Kyphosis (BWS Curvature)

2.       Lordosis (LWS Curvature)

3.       Pelvic positioning (Tilt or Stretch)

4.       Segmental Analysis

5.       Dorsal length  

  • Total Mechanical Body Composition Analysis by FDA Approved InBody (USA) Body Composition Analyser to find out the Total fat, lean mass, fat mass, minerals, visceral fat, healthy bone mass and 5 segmental analysis of the body which will help us to identify the obesity and need of exercises and also the level of recommended exercises.  
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): BMI will help to know about the body weight is appropriate or not according to the body height of each staff.
  • Foot Mechanics Analysis in static and dynamic motion solutions through FOOTDISC  and Gait pattern analysis by 3D TOG GaitScan.
  • General health and corporate Fitness Assessment by measuring Blood Pressure, Random Blood Glucose Level, general endurance testing.

Individual Wellness Suggestion:

  • Customized corporate fitness exercise prescription for every individual for their specific needs (eg. Obesity management, weight reduction, strength and conditioning, Back and Neck pain prevention etc.)
  • Stress Management and self pain management Class (In Group).
  • Custom Made  Neck and Back School, Anti RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) School and Pelvic Floor School to address the participants individual needs. 
  • Healthy diet Program and diet recommendation (In group)
  • Pilatis Class for core stability (In group different for male and female staffs)

Follow Ups:

  • After Modification and installation one free follow up will be provided to assure clients habituation with the modifications.
  • Monthly Wellness Updates will be mailed to all Staffs.