Md Rafiqul Islam

Clinical Physiotherapist
Md Rafiqul Islam

Md Rafiqul Islam has been graduated from State College of Health Sciences under the Medicine Faculty of Dhaka University and has started his physiotherapy career as Clinical Physiotherapist at Movement Solutions Brance-1 (Gulshan-2). He is a Chartered Physiotherapist and also qualified Sports Therapist. He is certified in Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine (ETGOM Cyriax-Belgium), CMP (India), MOTNS-Neurodynamics (NOIgroup-Aus), Sports Taping (BCB), Dry Needling (MSA), MFR (India).

Rafique’s clinical interests include rehabilitation of sports injuries & rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction.

Rafique conducts an appropriate treatment plan including manual joint and soft tissue therapy and exercises and can also work with patients to develop a core muscle strength or general exercise program for long term injury prevention.

Rafique commonly treats all types of muscular and joint injuries including low back pain, bulged disc, neck pain, improved balance and core control, headaches/migraine etc. Rafique is also experienced in office work site, ergonomic assessment.