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Movement Solutions BD is a Physiotherapy Center in Gulshan and Dhaka that was established in September 2015 with the aim of providing comprehensive treatment programs in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We strive to provide efficient and and effective physiotherapy services utilizing the latest technology and evidence based clinical practice.

Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge approach to healing that utilizes FDA-approved therapies to repair and regenerate damaged tissues.

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Meet Our Specialist

Our aim is to achieve your highest level of physical functioning and well being by assessment of your return to an active lifestyle through the following approaches:

S M Zahidul Islam

S M Zahidul Islam Sazal has been practicing Physiotherapy since graduating from the BHPI- Centre for the Rehabilitation of The Paralysed (CRP) under the Medicine Faculty.

Nazir Arifeen Jitu

Nazir Arifeen Jitu has been graduated from State College of Health Sciences under the Medicine Faculty of Dhaka University and has started his physiotherapy career as.

Arpon Kumar paul

Arpon Kumar Paul passed the Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Bangladesh Health Profession’s Institute of Centre for the Rehabilitation of Paralyzed (CRP) under Dhaka University,.
Ms Lab

We provide all aspects of Physiology Practice for your whole family in Gulshan, Dhaka

Are you looking to reach your fitness goals faster? Movement Solutions BD has the solution. Our powerful VO₂ Max testing tool delivers accurate and simple fitness assessments based on oxygen consumption. 

Our Google Reviews

Hasan Gourab
Hasan Gourab
Beautiful environment for physiotherapy treatment and excellent services.
Sumiya Jarin
Sumiya Jarin
I had a ankle sprain and i suffered a lot. After taking physiotherapy from Movement solutions, my pain and suffering go away just like magic. I am really gratefull to the team movement solutions and i recommend this clinic. They are Best in Town.
A hasan
A hasan
Best physiotherapy clinic in Bangladesh.
Mehedi Hasan Bappy
Mehedi Hasan Bappy
One of the best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Service Provider of Dhaka City. You can trust on them for any Pain or Sports Injury Related Issues...
Afsana meli
Afsana meli
The best Physio and Rehabilitation service of Dhaka City, perhaps can say in entire Bangladesh.
Nadim Rafi
Nadim Rafi
Bangladesh’s one of the best physiotherapy centres for the solution for movement disorders. Best wishes to MOVEMENT SOLUTION. Thanks to S.M Zahidul Islam Sajal vi for his kind cooperation.
Sumon Khandaker
Sumon Khandaker
যে কোন ব্যাথা থেকে মুক্তি পেতে, থেরাপির জন্য বাংলাদেশ আমার কাছে মনে হয়েছে এইটাই বেস্ট। ওনাদের ব্যবহার ও দারুন, পরিস্কার পরি ছন্ন ।
Q M Moinul Ahsan
Q M Moinul Ahsan
Highly professional physio therapy and rehab center. They have some cutting edge technogy that none of their compressors have. Took a patient there. Hoping to get good result after fourteen sessions.

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